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After looking through all the general education courses, there are three mandatory english courses.  I hate everything about english and if I had the chance to not take it ever, I would.  So I told myself, I should just get the english courses over with so I don’t have to worry about them later when I take my major courses.  I registered for English 110 and I thought this semester was going to be all about reading books and writing essays every week, but thats not what it was at all.

My first day at class was very interesting, but I thought that it was only because its the first class and the professor wants to get your attention.  All the classes were very interesting and everyone could relate to the topics.  I would never have guessed that this would be an english class.  I loved our class discussions on random, but important topics.  The free writing was very relaxing and you can write whatever you want.  I also thought the youtube video that everyone had to present was pretty cool.  A lot of different topics were showed and analyzed.

Overall, I thought the class was very interesting and not as hard as I thought.  The only hard essay for me was essay number three.  I would highly recommend students to take this class. It is not only fun, but you also learn a lot from the discussions in class.





Kam’s near death experience

Did you ever have a near death experience?

1.  Of course I did, who hasn’t?

2.  It was a friday night, and my friends and I were going to a house party.

3.  We pre-gamed at my friends house before we went to the party.  We must of had about 8 or 9 shots each.

4.  We then realized when were about to leave, “who’s gonna drive?”

5.  I told them I would drive even though I was drunk.

6.  I didn’t remember driving, but as soon as I was going to crash I remember everything like it was yesterday.

7.  I went through a red light and all i could hear was beeping and all i could see were bright lights.  As I looked to my right I saw speeding cars driving towards me, about to hit me at full speed.

8.  A car swerved in front of me almost hitting the side of my car.  I thought we were all going to die because of me.

9.  That 4 seconds felt like it was 1 hour long.

10.  Thank god that i didn’t hit anything or anyone and thank god I didn’t get pulled over by the cops.

10.  We pulled over right after that intersection and told my friends that i couldn’t drive anymore.

11. I called my friend that was sober to pick us up and drive us to the party.

12. I promised myself that I would never drink and drive again.

Reliable websites?

After reading the first article about the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, the first thing I noticed was that the picture looked fake with the octopus on the tree.  The octopus does not even exist.  The creator of the website probably thought he could make money off people that felt bad about the species going to be extinct.  The website does not give reliable sources about the species also.

When I opened the website, I automatically knew it was a very unreliable website.  The site is very unorganized, and looks very plain.  It looks like a kid made this website. I would never even think of getting information from this site because all of the articles they want you to read are fake.  For example, one article title says “Meteor heading for Earth!”.

After opening, I noticed the format was like  My first thought was that it is a very unreliable website.  When I clicked on an article, some of the words were misspelled and the grammar was very poor.  I now knew that it was not a legitimate source.

Cliques around QC

I see many cliques around Queens College while I am walking from class to class.  Some cliques I see are study groups outside sitting on the grass, or in the library.  The most popular place that cliques hang out is in the cafeteria. They sit around the tables, talking and eating.  Sometimes racial groups attract each other.  Many groups have the same racial background.  I don’t know why that is, but I think it has something to do with their interests.  I think cliques form because people with the same interests attract each other and become friends.  I am not in a clique, but if I would be in one, I would like to hang out with people that talk about things I like to talk to.

Holy Trinity High School

Mission Statement of Holy Trinity High School- “It is the mission of Holy Trinity Diocesan High School to be a living witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a community of faith, hope and love in the Roman Catholic tradition. We seek to educate the whole person: mind, heart, soul and body, and to motivate each student in the pursuit of truth and academic excellence, preparing them for future educational opportunities and service to the Church and to the world. ”

I think the mission statement met its goals in pursuing and achieving aforementioned standards. Holy Trinity has prepared me for higher education, obstacles through life and helped me achieve goals for my future while keeping faith in mind.

Global Warming…


Queens Students Occupy Offices

The article that I found called “Queens Students Occupy Offices”, happened April 29th, 1969.  The students were angry about the 39 students and faculty that got arrested from the recent protest at Queens College.  This angered the students and faculty, which then started a protest in the building where the president office of Queens College is located.  The president wasn’t there so they made a barrier covering the door.  As a Queens College student today, I think protests are similar because they aren’t afraid of the police and security.  They are not afraid to show how they feel without getting in trouble with the police.  Also, the students work together to support the issue.

Sleepwalking Dog



Why am I in College?

College is a place to learn more about your interests .  I have always been interested in computers, that is why I am studying computer science as my major.  I want to graduate with a bachelors degree to get a well paying job.  I am also in college because i want to show myself how i can learn and aspire to succeed in the future.  If I wasn’t in college, I would be working at a minimum wage job that I cannot live off of.

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